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Episode 231 - Hot Corner Show with Bamm & The Commish

By ISPS, 04/22/22, 1:00AM EDT


Episode 231 - Hot Corner Show with Bamm & The Commish

Episode 231 - The Hot Corner Show

The Hot Corner Show was in full swing last night, with Bamm and The Commish giving their usual witty banter. But they had a very special guest, Mr. Mario Fernandez the President of the Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players.


Mario gave an update on the current situation with Cuban players defecting to the US, and how things were changing under the new administration. He also shared some of his thoughts on the upcoming World Baseball Classic and the unjustice the Cuban government is committing against Cuban players.


But that wasn't all…Bamm and The Commish also covered some slow pitch news from around the world, including a big win by Team Honduras in the ISPS Central American Championships. They wrapped things up by announcing some upcoming events, including this year's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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