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Historic Meeting for Cuban Sports Takes Place in Miami

By ISPS , 05/02/22, 11:15PM EDT


ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III, President of the Association of Professional Cuban Baseball Players Mario Fernandez, and Founder of Cuban Sugar Kings Foundation Jorge Maduro Jr.

Historic Meeting for Cuban Sports takes place in Miami.

The commissioner of International Slow pitch softball, Manuel T. Ferrero III, met with the president of the association of Cuban professional baseball players, Mario Fernandez, and the founder of the Cuban Sugar Kings Foundation, Jorge Maduro, Jr. with the the possibilities of creating greater interest in sports in Cuba by Cuban athletes exiles, the possible return to Cuba, and the creation of a true baseball team that honors all Cubans.

Ferrero had been hearing growing buzz about an effort to unify all Cuban baseball athletes in exile under one umbrella organization, which would be called the Association of Cuban Professional Baseball Players (ACPBP). Ferrero was impressed with Fernandez's passion for his homeland and admiration for Cuban sports history in particular baseball, both qualities that he felt were essential to making ACPBP successful. He suggested to Maduro that they work together on this project, and he offered his full support. They both agreed that baseball could serve as a symbol of unity between all Cubans.

Commissioner Ferrero facilitated the meeting and made the connection and introduction of the other two gentlemen.

All three are supportive of the project and agreed that baseball could bring more awareness to the current situation the sports culture finds itself in on the island of Cuba.

The meeting went well, and both Fernandez and Maduro left feeling optimistic about the future of Cuban baseball. They are planning to meet again soon to continue discussion on the topic. It is clear that there is a lot of work to be done, but with the support of the Cuban community, they are confident that they will make progress.

Fernandez is hopeful that this project will help to create a better understanding of life in Cuba and build bridges between all Cubans around the world. He knows that it will not be easy, but he is committed to seeing it through. For now, he is focused on gathering more support from other Cuban exiles and raising awareness about the project. With time, he is confident that they will be able to make ACPBP a reality.

Maduro is also committed to seeing the project through and is currently working on continuing his work through the Cuban Sugar Kings Foundation.  He is hopeful that this will be a project where not just Cubans, but all baseball fans, can learn about the rich baseball history and understandall the struggles the Cuban athletes go through. He knows that it will take time and effort, but he is confident that they can make it happen.

All three gentlemen are passionate about their project and are determined to see it through.

They discussed different positive new creative ideas and plans geared towards the betterment of Cuban sports on and off the island. They discussed the possibilities of the ACPBP and what it could mean for baseball in Cuba. They also talked about plans to create a team that would honor all Cubans and the rich Cuban baseball history. All three men left the meeting optimistic about the future of Cuban sports. They vowed to continue working together towards their goals.

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