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By ISPS, 09/01/22, 7:30PM EDT


The ISPS Arizona Women's Slow Pitch Team FORCE is the Team of the Week!

The ISPS Arizona Women's Slow Pitch Team FORCE is the Team of the Week!

This week's Team of the Week is the ISPS Arizona Women's Slow Pitch Team FORCE! The team is based out of Tucson, Arizona and is made up of players from all over the state. The team has been together for some time now and has already shown promis of success. The team is coached by Gabriel Gonzalez and plays in the ISPS Arizona Women's Slow Pitch Division.


The team's success is due to their hard work and dedication. The team practices three times a week and also works with a professional hitting coach. The players are also very supportive of each other and have great chemistry on and off the field.


The ISPS Arizona Women's Slow Pitch Team FORCE is a great example of what can be accomplished


This new women's slow pitch team out of Tucson, Arizona is working hard to compete in the 2022 World Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this November 4-6.


The FORCE team consists of talented and dedicated players who are excited to represent their state and country on the world stage.


In order to prepare for the World Championships, they have been practicing hard and working together as a cohesive team in the Southwest region.


So far, the FORCE team has had a lot of hope as they look to compete on the world stage for the first time.


Their goal is to continue practicing and competing hard so that they can bring home a gold medal from the World Championships!


We wish them the best of luck!

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