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Hit It Out of the Park: Miami's New Women's Softball League Invites You to Play, Connect, and Compete!

By ISPS, 02/21/24, 12:30AM EST


Unlock the spirit of teamwork and the thrill of competition at Shenandoah Park's new Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League.

Hit It Out of the Park: Miami's New Women's Softball League Invites You to Play, Connect, and Compete!

Unlock the spirit of teamwork and the thrill of competition at Shenandoah Park's new Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League. As the warm Florida sun sets the stage for Tuesday night lights starting this February 2024, we invite every woman with a spark for softball to join us for the ultimate display of skill and community. Dive into the details of our upcoming try-outs and scrimmage session on January 30th and discover why this league is more than just a game—it's a vibrant community ready to welcome you with open arms.

Miami's Shenandoah Park is buzzing with anticipation as the new Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League is set to unfurl its banners this coming February. But before the league's grand slam opening, a special invitation is extended to all women in the Miami area for a try-out and scrimmage session on January 30th. It's a chance to limber up, knock off the rust from your bats, and showcase your abilities in a friendly, yet competitive environment.

Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III, the heart behind this initiative, believes in the power of softball to bring people together. "We've created a league that stands for more than just winning games; it's about creating a supportive network, fostering a sense of achievement, and celebrating every player's contribution to the game," says Ferrero. His vision is to cultivate a league where enthusiasm and skill create a tapestry of inspiring athletic narratives.

The league promises to cater to a diverse range of players. Whether you're the home-run hitter, the strategic pitcher, or someone who's just caught the softball bug, there's a place for you here. The league emphasizes growth, learning, and fun, set against the backdrop of Miami's vibrant energy.

"Imagine the cheers, the crack of the bat, the adrenaline rush of sliding into home plate, and the high-fives from your teammates – that's what awaits you at Shenandoah Park," Ferrero adds with a smile. He emphasizes that the league is committed to providing a premier sporting experience that values each player's participation and dedication.

As we count down to the try-outs, the league organizers have been working tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the game—from the pristine condition of the fields to the quality of the umpiring—meets the highest standards. They understand that a great league is built on great experiences, both on and off the field.

For those looking to step into the batter's box and take a swing at joining the league, the try-out session on January 30th is your gateway. It's more than just a trial; it's a day to connect with fellow softball enthusiasts, learn from each other, and become a part of a community that celebrates women in sports.

So, lace up your cleats, don your gloves, and let's make history together in Miami's newest Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League. This is your invitation to join a league where every game is a story, every player is a protagonist, and every season is an adventure. Let's play ball!

Shenandoah Park Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League Try-Outs & Scrimmage

Event Details:

  • Date: January 30, 2024
  • Time: 5pm EST
  • Location: Shenandoah Park, Miami, Florida
  • Description: Join us for the inaugural try-outs and scrimmage session of the Shenandoah Park Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, meet the team, and become part of Miami’s premier softball community. The league officially kicks off in February 2024, with games on Tuesday nights. Don’t miss out on the fun, camaraderie, and competition!

Event Agenda:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Warm-Up Exercises
  • Skill Assessments
  • Scrimmage Game
  • Meet and Greet with Coaches and Existing Players
  • Q&A Session about the Upcoming Season


About the League:

The Shenandoah Park Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League is a fresh and exciting opportunity for female athletes to engage in healthy competition, improve their skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of a team sport. We value sportsmanship, community, and personal growth, offering a welcoming environment for players of all levels. Expect a season of thrilling Tuesday night games, professional umpiring, and plenty of chances to make new friends and great memories.

Commissioner’s Welcome Message:

"Welcome to the Shenandoah Park Women’s Slow Pitch Softball League! As your Commissioner, I am thrilled to invite you to be a founding player in what promises to be a league filled with excitement, growth, and fun. We've designed this league to celebrate not only the competitive spirit of slow-pitch softball but also the joy of playing and the strength of our community. Come join us and let's make this a season to remember!" - Manuel T. Ferrero III, ISPS Commissioner

Contact Information:

For any questions or more information, please contact:

  • League Coordinator: Manuel T. Ferrero III
  • Email:
  • Phone: 786-245-3243

Social Media Links:

Stay connected with us and join the conversation on social media:

  • Instagram: @ispso
  • Twitter/X: @ispso
  • Facebook: @ispso


  • What equipment do I need? We recommend bringing your own, fielding glove, and bat.  But if you do not have one, we can probably help find you a loaner.  As for footwear, anything that is closed toed and NOT metal cleats.
  • Who is eligible to play? Any 18+ Female (16 with parental consent)
  • How is the league format structured? The league will consist of a 10-game minimum season plus playoff structure dependent on the number of teams in the season.
  • When are the games scheduled? Tuesday Nights between 6pm and 10m

Event Organizer Information:

  • Event Coordinator: Manuel T. Ferrero III
  • Umpire-in-Chief: David Sweet
  • Volunteer Coordinator: TBD
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone: 786-245-3243

Sponsor Acknowledgements:

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support: City of Miami


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