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Unleashing Power: The Women's Slugfest and Home Run Derby in Bakersfield

By ISPS, 05/11/24, 7:15PM EDT


Step into the box for an electrifying showdown at Dave Fry Softball Field on June 29, 2024!


Catch the excitement at the Women's Slugfest & Home Run Derby, Bakersfield 2024. High stakes, fierce competition, and a chance to witness history!

Unleashing Power: The Women's Slugfest and Home Run Derby in Bakersfield

On a bright summer day, with the Californian sun casting long shadows on the Dave Fry Softball Field, the stage will be set for the Women's Slugfest and Home Run Derby. The air is thick with anticipation as athletes from across the region gather, each with the same burning ambition: to swing for the fences and make their mark in the world of slow-pitch softball. This isn't just a game; it's a display of power, precision, and passion, presented by ISPS, a beacon of support for slow-pitch softball enthusiasts worldwide.

The Event: A Closer Look

Scheduled for June 29, 2024, in Bakersfield, California, the event boasts an impressive lineup that includes a three-game guarantee with a unique twist—the strike mat. The entry fee is set at $350, with a substantial part of each team's fee contributing to the prize pool, promising a payout of 75% to the champions and 25% to the runners-up, based on the number of teams participating. What sets this derby apart is the meticulous organization by ISPS, ensuring all equipment, from stamped balls to bats, meets specific standards, guaranteeing fairness and high competition levels.

Home Run Derby: More Than Just Swinging Bats

The Home Run Derby isn't just a sideshow; it's a highlight. With a $20 entry, players get a shot at winning a new bat—something that any slow-pitch aficionado would cherish. But it's not the prizes that catch the eye—it's the spirit of the players. From rookies to seasoned pros, the derby is a testament to skill, where strategy and power meet. Participants will also wear a home-run bracelet, a badge of honor symbolizing their prowess and participation.

Safety and Fairness First

An important aspect of this event is the emphasis on safety. All pitchers are required to wear a face mask, a precaution that speaks volumes about the commitment to player welfare. Moreover, every game played under the ISPS's watchful eye adheres to strict guidelines to maintain the sport's integrity and competitive spirit.

Why Bakersfield?

Choosing Bakersfield's Dave Fry Softball Field as the venue isn't just about availability; it's about community. This location is known for its vibrant local sports culture, making it an ideal spot for drawing crowds and fostering a supportive environment for athletes. The field’s facilities are top-notch, ensuring that both players and spectators enjoy a memorable day.

ISPS: Championing Slow-Pitch Softball

ISPS stands at the forefront of promoting slow-pitch softball by organizing events like these, which not only enhance the game's popularity but also help sustain the sporting community. "Our goal is always to provide top-tier experiences while nurturing the sport's growth at all levels," remarks ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III. This event underlines their dedication to offering both competitive and recreational opportunities for slow-pitch softball athletes around the globe.


The Women's Slugfest and Home Run Derby in Bakersfield promises to be more than just a series of games. It's a celebration of strength, a test of talent, and a gathering of the community. As the players take their positions and the crowd quiets in anticipation, one question remains: Who will claim the title of this year's Home Run Queen?

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