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Celebrating the Champions of the Queen Slow Pitch League Arizona

By ISPS, 05/23/24, 10:30AM EDT


Explore the incredible journeys of Becky Carranza, Nelly Serrato, Blanca López, and Fina Eribes, the champions of the Queen Slow Pitch League Arizona’s intermediate category. Discover their secrets to success!


Meet the champions of the Queen Slow Pitch League Arizona! Becky Carranza, Nelly Serrato, Blanca López, and Fina Eribes have made their mark with stellar performances. Find out how they achieved greatness this season!

Celebrating the Champions of the Queen Slow Pitch League Arizona

Under the bright Arizona sun, where the heat often feels like an extra player on the field, the Queen Slow Pitch League Arizona showcased some of the most thrilling and inspiring moments in slow pitch softball. This season was no exception as we witnessed outstanding performances in both the rookie and intermediate categories.

Among the many stars, a few shone exceptionally bright. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable achievements of Becky Carranza, Nelly Serrato, Blanca López, and the incredible Fina Eribes, who have set new standards in the intermediate category.

The Power of Persistence: Becky Carranza

Becky Carranza of Team Lobas is no stranger to hard work and determination. This season, her unwavering focus and powerful swings earned her the title of Home Run Champion in the intermediate category. Becky's journey to the top wasn't just about the number of home runs she hit; it was about the consistency and precision she brought to each game. Her ability to deliver under pressure made her a standout player and a fan favorite. As she held her award, her excitement was palpable, a true testament to her dedication and love for the game.

Excellence in Batting: Nelly Serrato

Nelly Serrato from Team Las Aces emerged as the Batting Champion in the intermediate category. Her exceptional batting skills were on full display throughout the season, making her a key player for her team. Nelly's ability to read the game and adapt her strategies on the fly was instrumental in her success. Holding her certificate, Nelly’s smile reflected the hard work and countless hours of practice that led to her achieving this honor. Her story is a powerful reminder of the importance of persistence and passion in reaching one's goals.

Mastery on the Mound: Blanca López

Blanca López, also from Team Las Aces, demonstrated unparalleled skill on the pitcher's mound, earning her the title of Pitching Champion. Blanca's strategic mind and precise pitching were crucial in leading her team to many victories. Her performance this season has set a high bar for pitchers in the league. Blanca's dedication to her craft and her team's success was evident in every game she played. As she accepted her award, her pride and joy were a reflection of her hard-earned success and the respect she has garnered from her peers.

Homerun Hero: Fina Eribes

Fina Eribes, another powerhouse from Team Lobas, showcased her exceptional batting power by becoming the Home Run Champion. Her ability to consistently hit home runs underlines her formidable presence at the plate. Fina’s journey through the season was marked by her determination and resilience, traits that have undoubtedly contributed to her success. Her achievements are not just personal milestones but also a source of inspiration for her teammates and fans.

The Role of ISPS

The International Slow Pitch Softball (ISPS) has been instrumental in providing platforms for athletes like Becky, Nelly, Blanca, and Fina to showcase their talents. ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III believes in nurturing and promoting slow pitch softball across the globe. "Our mission is to support and highlight the incredible talents within our community, providing them with opportunities to shine and achieve their dreams," he often emphasizes. The achievements of these athletes are a testament to this mission.


The Queen Slow Pitch League Arizona has once again brought to light the incredible talent and dedication within the slow pitch softball community. Becky Carranza, Nelly Serrato, Blanca López, and Fina Eribes have set new standards with their remarkable performances this season. As we celebrate their achievements, we look forward to the future stars who will emerge and continue this legacy of excellence.

How will these champions continue to evolve in their slow pitch softball journey, and who will rise to challenge them next season?

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