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The Rising Stars of Shenandoah Park Women's League: A Look at the League Leaders

By ISPS, 06/08/24, 1:15PM EDT


Dominating the Diamond: The Standout Stars of Shenandoah Park Women’s League

Discover the top performers of the Shenandoah Park Women’s League as they set new records this 2024 Spring Season. Dive into their stats and stories, and see how ISPS supports slow-pitch athletes worldwide. Read more at

The Rising Stars of Shenandoah Park Women's League: A Look at the League Leaders


On a sunny afternoon in Miami's Shenandoah Park, the echo of bat meeting ball resonates through the air, mingling with the cheers of enthusiastic fans. This isn’t just any slow-pitch softball league; it’s the Shenandoah Park Women’s League, where the finest talents from across Miami come to showcase their prowess. As the 2024 Spring Season unfolds, it’s time to spotlight the athletes who are making headlines and setting new benchmarks. This league, supported by ISPS (International Slow Pitch Softball), stands as a testament to the growing popularity and competitive spirit of women’s slow-pitch softball. "Our mission is to provide opportunities and support to slow-pitch athletes worldwide," says ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III. Let’s dive into the stats and stories behind the league leaders.

Batting Averages: Consistency at the Plate

Leading the pack with an impressive .931 batting average is Maite Reece from the Little Havana Legends. Her precision and consistency make her a formidable force at the plate. Following her is Cindy Cast, also from the Little Havana Legends, with an average of .840. Isabela Rodriguez of the Biscayne Barracudas isn’t far behind, posting a solid .828 average. The top five is rounded out by Ruth Roa (.824) and Victoria Morales (.821), both contributing significantly to the Legends’ strong offensive lineup.

Runs Batted In: The Clutch Performers

When it comes to bringing runners home, Maite Reece again tops the charts with 18 RBIs, demonstrating her ability to perform under pressure. Victoria Morales and Isabela Rodriguez, with 17 and 16 RBIs respectively, have also shown remarkable clutch performances. Daisy Escobar and Cindy Cast, each with 15 RBIs, prove that the Legends and the Barracudas have depth and reliability in their batting order. Melissa Flexas, with 13 RBIs, adds to the Legends’ offensive might.

Home Runs: Power Hitters

Maite Reece’s dominance continues as she leads the home run category with 5 long balls. Jasmine Almonte-Frazier and Isabela Rodriguez of the Biscayne Barracudas each have 3 home runs, showcasing their power-hitting capabilities. Rosalina Ross and Giselle Mesa have contributed with 2 home runs each, adding to their teams' offensive strategies. Victoria Morales also makes the list with 2 home runs, solidifying her position as a versatile hitter.

The Impact of ISPS

The Shenandoah Park Women’s League is more than just a local competition; it’s a part of a larger movement to elevate slow-pitch softball. ISPS plays a crucial role in this, offering platforms, organizing events, and providing news and updates to the slow-pitch community. Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III highlights, "At ISPS, we are dedicated to fostering growth and providing unparalleled opportunities for slow-pitch athletes around the globe."


As the 2024 Spring Season progresses, the Shenandoah Park Women’s League continues to thrill fans with high-level competition and remarkable individual performances. With players like Maite Reece setting new standards, the future looks bright for women’s slow-pitch softball. Are you ready to join the excitement? Follow all the latest updates and more at

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