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Little Havana Legends: Undefeated Path to Glory

By ISPS, 06/09/24, 12:00AM EDT


The Little Havana Legends’ unbeaten season culminates in a thrilling finals clash with the Biscayne Barracudas. Will they secure the championship?

Celebrate the Little Havana Legends' incredible undefeated season! Get all the stats and standings at and follow their finals journey against the Biscayne Barracudas. #SlowPitchSoftball #LegendsVsBarracudas #ISPS

Little Havana Legends: Undefeated Path to Glory

In the heart of Miami’s Shenandoah Park, the Little Havana Legends have crafted an incredible journey in the Women’s League, remaining undefeated through both the regular season and playoffs. As they prepare to face the Biscayne Barracudas in the finals, the excitement is palpable.

A Perfect Regular Season

The Legends demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the season, boasting an unbeaten record.

Regular Season Highlights:

  • Total Wins: 9-0-1
  • Runs Scored: 199
  • Runs Allowed: 82
  • Standout Games: A 27-4 victory against the Wynwood Warriors and an 11-11 tie with the Barracudas.


The Finals: Legends vs. Barracudas

With the championship in sight, the Legends face their toughest challenge yet against the Biscayne Barracudas. Known for their aggressive gameplay and solid defense, the Barracudas are formidable opponents.

Finals Preview:

  • Key Players to Watch:
    • Maite Reece: Known for her exceptional batting average and consistency at the plate.
    • Cindy Cast: A powerhouse in runs batted in, significantly contributing to the team's offensive strength.
    • Victoria Morales: An all-star with a keen defensive acumen and strong batting skills.
    • Melissa Flexas: Bringing versatility and power to the lineup with her consistent performances.
  • Team Strengths: The Legends' balanced offense and defense, strategic play, and resilience under pressure.
  • Challenges: Overcoming the Barracudas’ strong defense and their ace players, including star defensive player Ruth Roa.

ISPS: Championing Slow-Pitch Softball

The International Slow Pitch Softball (ISPS) organization has played a vital role in promoting slow-pitch softball globally. ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III stated, "The Legends' journey this season exemplifies the passion and dedication that ISPS seeks to inspire in athletes worldwide. We are proud to support such outstanding teams."

ISPS continues to provide opportunities, news, and events for slow-pitch athletes, reinforcing the sport's growth and development.

Looking Ahead

As the Little Havana Legends prepare for the finals, their journey has captured the hearts of fans and players alike. The final game promises to be a thrilling conclusion to an extraordinary season.

Will the Legends maintain their unbeaten streak and clinch the championship? Stay updated with the latest news at

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