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The Bandits' Road to Victory: A Friday Night Coed Classic

By ISPS 04/13/2024, 8:00am EDT

Local fans and families had gathered, not just to enjoy the game but to witness a display of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and pure slow-pitch softball excitement.

Diamond Kingz: Champions of Strategy and Spirit in Homestead's Slow-Pitch Saga

By ISPS 04/11/2024, 11:30am EDT

The Diamond Kingz, with their undeniable prowess and strategic gameplay, emerged as champions, a title reflective not just of a game well played, but of the spirit and passion that fuel the heart of this sport.

ISPS Honors Commissioner Reyes: A Ceremonial Tribute to Miami's Softball Advocate

By ISPS 04/09/2024, 4:15pm EDT

ISPS Commissioner Manuel T. Ferrero III steps forward to present City of Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes with an honorary jersey from the Little Havana Legends.

Embracing the Diamond: The Rise of Slow-Pitch Softball in Central America

By ISPS 04/06/2024, 12:00am EDT

From April 26th to 28th, this tournament stands as a testament to the passion and dedication that slow-pitch softball enthusiasts bring to the field.

The Legacy of the Little Havana Legends: Crafting History in the Diamond Dust

By ISPS 04/05/2024, 4:30pm EDT

On the diamond-studded grounds of Shenandoah Park, a team emerges that embodies the rich tapestry of Miami’s Little Havana – the Little Havana Legends.

Barracudas of Biscayne: Making Waves in the Women's Slow-Pitch Arena

By ISPS 04/05/2024, 4:30pm EDT

In the warm, vibrant city of Miami, the Biscayne Barracudas make a splash in the inaugural season of the ISPS USA Slow Pitch Softball Shenandoah Park Women’s League.

The Sparkling Ascent of Shenandoah Sparks: Trailblazers of the ISPS USA Slow-Pitch Softball

By ISPS 04/05/2024, 4:30pm EDT

The Shenandoah Sparks didn't simply arise from the ashes; they were a confluence of determination, camaraderie, and a shared love for the game.

Swinging into Action: ISPS Welcomes New Leader to Drive Hialeah's Slow-Pitch Passion

By ISPS 04/03/2024, 6:15am EDT

And at the helm of this narrative is none other than Sueiro, the latest addition to the ISPS family, a beacon of growth and enthusiasm for the sport.

Page 5 of 203

Displaying Results 41 - 50 of 2027