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The Champions’ Shine: Reliving the UNDERTAKERS Caribbean Classic Glory Through their Rings

By ISPS 04/02/2024, 12:30am EDT

On a sun-soaked diamond, where the clash of bats and cheers set the rhythm of dreams, the UNDERTAKERS reveled in their moment of triumph in the 2023 Caribbean Classic Championship.

Elevating the Game: Andrew Rivero's New Role as ISPS Local Area Director in California

By ISPS 04/01/2024, 12:00pm EDT

Discover how Andrew Rivero, the new ISPS USA Slow Pitch Softball California Local Area Director, is set to elevate the game in Bakersfield and beyond.

Under the Lights: The Triumph of Team Razed Right

By ISPS 03/29/2024, 4:30pm EDT

Team Razed Right, a band of warriors united by their love for slow-pitch softball, emerged as the champions of the ISPS USA Slow-Pitch Softball Homestead Men's Wednesday Night League.

The Spirit of the Game: Little Havana Legends Triumph in Inaugural Exhibition

By ISPS 03/22/2024, 11:00am EDT

Under the bright lights of Shenandoah Park, history unfolded as the Little Havana Legends and the Biscayne Barracudas took to the diamond for the first official exhibition game in the ISPS USA Slow Pitch Softball City of Miami Women's League.

Step Bros' Triumph: The Champs of Spring Fling 2024

By ISPS 03/14/2024, 9:30am EDT

Step Bros, a team not merely named but bonded by an ethos resembling that of a family more than a team, carved their name into the slow-pitch annals of the ISPS Spring Fling Classic.

Unleashing the Champs: The Rise of Bad Boyz Clewiston to Spring Fling Glory

By ISPS 03/14/2024, 9:15am EDT

The story of Bad Boyz Clewiston's ascent to become the champions of the 2024 Spring Fling Classic is one that embodies the spirit of the game—a blend of grit, teamwork, and the sheer joy of play that ISPS celebrates in every tournament it hosts.

Under the Lights: The Unseen Heroes of the Shenandoah Women's League

By ISPS 03/13/2024, 10:30am EDT

These aren't your everyday athletes; they're mothers, daughters, professionals, and dreamers, each with a story more inspiring than the last.

Triumph and Teamwork: The Heart of ISPS Guatemala CoED Category A Stars

By ISPS 03/06/2024, 12:15pm EST

In the warm embrace of Guatemala's sun, the ISPS Guatemala CoED Category A game unfolded not just as a competition but as a celebration of community, skill, and the sheer joy of slow-pitch softball.

Celebrating the Heart of the Game: Mirta J. Corea and the Rise of Women's Slow Pitch Softball

By ISPS 03/04/2024, 11:45am EST

As we announce with pride and excitement that the 2024 women's slow pitch tournament will be named in her honor, let us delve into the essence of what makes Mirta a beacon for the sport.

Page 6 of 203

Displaying Results 51 - 60 of 2027