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International Slow Pitch Softball (ISPS) is a globally recognized organization that promotes slow-pitch as a sport. One of the ways in which ISPS promotes this sport is by offering athletes the opportunity to affiliate with them. Athletes who choose to affiliate with ISPS will be able to take advantage of a range of benefits, including access to official tournaments, training and development programs, and exposure to a global community of slow-pitch players.

The affiliation process with ISPS is relatively straightforward. Athletes must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) letter to the organization, outlining their interest in affiliating with ISPS. The EOI letter should include the athlete's name, contact details, and a brief summary of their experience in slow-pitch.

Once an athlete's EOI letter has been received and processed by ISPS, the athlete will be provided with a formal Affiliation Application Form. This form will need to be completed in full and returned to ISPS, along with any additional documentation or information that may be required.

After an athlete's application has been received and reviewed by ISPS, the organization will notify the athlete of their affiliation status. If the athlete is approved for affiliation, they will be provided with an official ISPS affiliation card and will be granted access to the full range of benefits that come with affiliation.

These benefits include access to official ISPS tournaments, access to training and development programs, and exposure to a global community of slow-pitch players. In addition, affiliated athletes will receive regular updates and communications from ISPS, including newsletters, event notifications, and other important information related to the organization and the sport of slow-pitch.

In conclusion, affiliating with ISPS is an excellent way for slow-pitch players to enhance their experience of the sport, build their skills and knowledge, and connect with a global community of athletes who share their passion for slow-pitch. Athletes who are interested in affiliating with ISPS should submit an EOI letter to the organization to begin the process.