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South America


    Now, with the world as her canvas, Gyna Rivas is set to weave the ISPS's mission into the fabric of global sports culture.

    Meet the game-changer, Gyna Rivas, the new ISPS International Coordinator driving the global expansion of slow-pitch softball! #GlobalSoftball #ISPSFamily

    Mariel Escobar, the ISPS Guatemala National Director, has been named the 2023 Director of the Year for International Slow Pitch Softball

    Unveiling the story of Mariel Escobar, whose passion for slow-pitch softball earned her the prestigious 2023 Director of the Year Award from ISPS.

    As we announce with pride and excitement that the 2024 women's slow pitch tournament will be named in her honor, let us delve into the essence of what makes Mirta a beacon for the sport.

    Mirta's journey is not just one of personal achievement but of communal triumph. Her tireless dedication to the development of women's slow pitch, her unwavering commitment to facility improvements, and her profound love for the game have earned her more than recognition; they have earned her a legacy.

    As the dust settles on the Winter Slugfest Showdown, the legacy of Step Bros (FL) extends beyond the field.

    This is the story of the Winter Slugfest Showdown held at Mills on February 24, 2024, where teams from Florida gathered to showcase their passion, skill, and teamwork. Among these teams, one name stood out, carving their victory not just on the trophy but in the annals of slow-pitch softball lore: Step Bros (FL).

    The story of Sergio Ruano Andrade is more than just a chronicle of athletic achievement; it is a narrative that interweaves the elegance of aging with the beauty of sport.

    At 77, Sergio exemplifies the spirit of slow-pitch softball. Dive into his story and the lessons we can all learn from this timeless athlete.

    It's a game where camaraderie and competition embrace in a dance as timeless as the sport itself. And this year, as the palms sway in the gentle winds of Central America, that beat intensifies, heralding the pinnacle of slow-pitch softball: the 2024 Slow Pitch World Championships.

    Dive into the heart of slow-pitch softball: the 2024 Slow Pitch World Championships. Dates & locales now live. Will you make history?

    Dive into the Summer Slam Slugfest, where the heat of the game matches the summer sun!

    As the sun crests high and the beaches beckon, there's a different kind of call that echoes through the air - the call of the diamond where the slow-pitch softball elite gear up for the season's most anticipated event: The Summer Slam Slugfest!

    Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, the Tranquilo y Tropical Tournament is a beacon, calling all who love the game to come and experience the unique fusion of competition and relaxation.

    Dive into the essence of the Tranquilo y Tropical Tournament—a unique blend of competitive spirit and serene beaches!

    As the warm breeze sweeps across the vibrant fields of San Juan Opico, El Salvador, the air is charged with anticipation. This isn't just any game. This is a celebration, a homage to the indomitable spirit of women, and a testament to their growing presence in the world of slow-pitch softball.

    Set against the backdrop of Fort Lauderdale’s balmy allure, this tournament is not just a congregation of athletes; it’s a tableau vivant of camaraderie, competition, and the colorful spirit of slow-pitch softball.

    Dive into the vibrant celebration of slow-pitch at the Spring Fling Classic, where every swing tells a story. Join us at Mills Pond for a tournament that blooms with competition and camaraderie.