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Join the ISPS Umpire Team Today!

Become an ISPS Umpire: A League of Excellence.

Join the global family of ISPS umpires and be part of the game you love.

At ISPS, umpires are more than just officials; they are the guardians of the game's integrity and the embodiment of fairness. As an ISPS umpire, you'll be part of a global community that values excellence, camaraderie, and the love of slow-pitch. Joining our league means stepping into a role that's vital to the success of every match, ensuring that the spirit of competition thrives. With comprehensive insurance coverage at all ISPS events, an official uniform polo shirt, continuous training, and opportunities to officiate at international levels, becoming an ISPS umpire is not just a position—it's a calling. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the rewards, and help us grow the game of slow-pitch softball around the world.


  • Insurance Coverage: "Stay protected on the field with comprehensive insurance at all ISPS events."
  • Uniform Polo Shirt: "Look the part with an official ISPS umpire polo shirt included in your registration."
  • Continuous Training & Support: "Benefit from ongoing training, support, and opportunities to umpire at international events."
  • Community & Networking: "Connect with fellow umpires and be part of a global softball community."


  1. Q: How do I register to become an ISPS umpire? A: Registration is simple! Just fill out the online form on our Umpires Registration page, select your polo shirt size, and complete the payment process. You'll receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

  2. Q: What are the requirements to become an ISPS umpire? A: We welcome umpires with varying levels of experience. Basic knowledge of slow-pitch rules is required, and previous umpiring experience is a plus. Continuous training and support are provided to ensure you're game-ready.

  3. Q: What does the insurance coverage include? A: The insurance coverage offers protection at all ISPS events, covering potential injuries and liabilities. Detailed information about the coverage can be found in the insurance policy section on our website.

  4. Q: When will I receive my uniform polo shirt? A: Your official ISPS umpire polo shirt will be shipped to you shortly after registration. Please ensure that your size and shipping address are correct during the registration process.

  5. Q: Are there opportunities to umpire at international events? A: Absolutely! As an ISPS umpire, you'll have opportunities to officiate at both local and international events. Our team will provide information about upcoming opportunities and how to get involved.

  6. Q: What kind of training and support are provided? A: ISPS offers continuous training and support to all umpires. This includes online resources, workshops, and access to experienced mentors who can guide you in your umpiring journey.

  7. Q: How are umpires assigned to games? A: Umpires are assigned to games based on availability, experience, and location. You'll have the flexibility to choose games that fit your schedule.

  8. Q: Can I register if I live outside the United States? A: Yes! ISPS is a global organization, and we welcome umpires from around the world. Please ensure that you meet any specific requirements for your region.

  9. Q: What are the yearly renewal procedures? A: Renewing your ISPS umpire registration is easy. You'll receive a reminder email with a link to renew, and the process is similar to the initial registration.

  10. Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions? A: We're here to help! Feel free to reach out to our Umpire Support Team at or 1-855-576-8522, and we'll gladly assist you with any inquiries.

Contact Information:

  • Email: - For any inquiries related to umpire registration, training, and support.
  • Phone: +1 (855) 576-8522 - Feel free to call us during business hours; we're here to assist you!

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